Aspen offers 3 years warranty on the hardware and on the software.

Fourteen days on trial

The Aspen Chiptuning system can be used 14 days on trial. If you are not satisfied with the tuning, we will adjust the settings and programming until you are fully satisfied. In case that you are still not happy with the Aspen system, you will get your money back and we will restore your car in its original condition.

Engine warranty

Chiptuning is legally allowed in The Netherlands and therefore it doesn't have any consequences for your car insurance. Although it isn't obligated or required you can buy a engine insurance. Aspen Chiptuning offers you together with the Swiss insurance company NSA the possibility to contract an engine insurance for your car. NSA is collaborating with a select group of European chiptuning companies and has a strict supervision on the quality of the chiptuning. In despite of many other engine insurances, the NSA complies with all the requirements and regulations according to the Dutch law and and is supervised by national authorities. In case of engine damage this company will help you out. This optional engine insurance for tuning can be contracted for a fee of € 148.00.

In collaboration with Auto Tuning & Design Verband Schweiz / Liechtenstein the NSA offers an engine insurance that has been especially developed for the car tuning industry. For more information about the NSA, click the logo below.

NSA Garantie
Aspen Chiptuning: Meer rijcomfort, lager verbruik en soepeler motorgedrag Beliable system
Aspen Chiptuning: Meer koppel, sneller schakelen en een gunstiger toerental Long lasting pleasure


Het Aspen Chiptuning-systeem is ook toepasbaar op auto's met een geblokkeerde ECU Engine Control Unit. Dankzij de externe unit van Aspen kan een goede werking worden gegarandeerd. Plug and Drive chiptuning voor elk model en type.

Zelfs voor de vaak moeilijk te tunen motoren uit de VAG-Group zoals de TFSI, TSI en FSI die gebruikt worden in Volkswagen, Audi, Seat en Skoda kan het Aspen systeem gebruikt worden.
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