Install it yourself

The Aspen system will be delivered with a clear and illustrated manual and all the accessories that are required for the installation like connectors. The installation can therefore be done by anybody with a good common sense, without any specific knowledge or special tools. You Aspen system will be adjusted and programmed by us specifically for your car brand and model and doesn't need additional adjustments. On every required moment you can unplug the Aspen system and restore your car in it's original condition. After the removal of the Aspen system it leaves your car without any marks or signals that it ever was tuned.

If you have special requirements regarding the programming and adjustments of the tuning, we will provide a installation service for you.

Our workshop in Vlagtwedde

Of course we provide you a full service installation of the Aspen system by experienced mechanics in our workshop in Vlagtwedde. To make an appointment for installation, please contact us. The installation service in our workshop is free of costs and ready while you are enjoying a coffee in our showroom.

Installing on location in the Netherlands

We can provide an installation of the Aspen system through The Netherlands at any desired location. Installing on location has a small additional costs per tuning system.
Aspen Chiptuning: Betere afsteling van de electronica New engines
Aspen Chiptuning: Auto's in de VAG Group - Ideale afstelling van het motormanagement voor meer vermogen en minder verbruik All types of vehicles


Het Aspen Chiptuning-systeem is ook toepasbaar op auto's met een geblokkeerde ECU Engine Control Unit. Dankzij de externe unit van Aspen kan een goede werking worden gegarandeerd. Plug and Drive chiptuning voor elk model en type.

Zelfs voor de vaak moeilijk te tunen motoren uit de VAG-Group zoals de TFSI, TSI en FSI die gebruikt worden in Volkswagen, Audi, Seat en Skoda kan het Aspen systeem gebruikt worden.
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