History of Aspen

Aspen Chiptuning is a company which provides high-quality chiptuning for cars, trucks, and virtually any other gas- or dieselpowered vehicle.

Owner Hendri Dierkes started his career working several years for a well known Dutch tuning company, where he gained both knowledge and experience. After that, Dierkes was an independent contractor for a large German supplier of external tuning systems. As a business owner Dierkes has increased his knowledge and built up an impressive network in the automotive industry. He has become a highly accomplished chiptuner and is regarded by many as one of the foremost specialists in external chiptuning.

Now this knowledge and experience are combined in Aspen Chiptuning. We offer unique brand-name chiptuning systems, specifically designed for each individual vehicle. Unlike other sellers, at Aspen Chiptuning we carefully select only the best components for each brand and type of car.

This results in a tailor made, quality product in which all of the customer's specific needs can be fulfilled.
Aspen Chiptuning: Hogere presaties en meer motorvermogen More power
Aspen Chiptuning: Motortuning betere afstelling inspuitdruk Easy to install


Het Aspen Chiptuning-systeem is ook toepasbaar op auto's met een geblokkeerde ECU Engine Control Unit. Dankzij de externe unit van Aspen kan een goede werking worden gegarandeerd. Plug and Drive chiptuning voor elk model en type.

Zelfs voor de vaak moeilijk te tunen motoren uit de VAG-Group zoals de TFSI, TSI en FSI die gebruikt worden in Volkswagen, Audi, Seat en Skoda kan het Aspen systeem gebruikt worden.
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